10+ Most Promising Business Opportunities in 2023

longchamphandbagsus.com – The Most Promising Business Opportunity. Running a business requires proper planning. You have to determine the business you want to run, study the business opportunity, and understand your ability to run it.

The reason is, personal business does promise lucrative profits. In fact, almost 54% of private businessmen claim that their income has increased. In addition, as many as 26% of these business people want to get freedom in running their own business. Of course, with the aim of continuing to build it to be better.

However, this is certainly not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. To start a profitable business, there are several business opportunity tips that you can try:

Follow your Passion

Running a business opportunity according to passion makes you not give up easily. The reason, you will really love the job. You will face the various challenges that arise calmly and with focus.

The business that you run can also start from the things you like, such as traveling, camping, and others. After all, there are many examples of profitable businesses that depart from hobbies.

Go Online

To help your business opportunities grow rapidly, take advantage of technological sophistication. Yes, going online is no longer an option. Businesses that go online will reach a wider market share without being limited by time and location. The profit potential is quite large. In fact, e-commerce transactions in Indonesia this year alone have reached IDR 13 trillion/month. Fantastic! Business opportunities that are supported by creating an online shop website will be able to attract more potential customers. Especially if it is supported by making it easy for consumers to find your business, such as registering it with Google My Business. The results achieved will certainly be more optimal, right?

Know Competition

Having a good product doesn’t just guarantee the success of your business opportunity. One of the factors is the presence of intense business competition. Often you have to “share the cake” with competitors and apply a price war strategy that is quite fierce. For business people, this condition is certainly less profitable. The solution to this is to do market research on the business opportunity you want to run. Apart from that, you can also look for a niche market (business scope) that has not been explored by many other businesses.

List of the Most Promising Business Opportunities

We have searched for various examples of promising business opportunities based on the type of business, the type of business (whether online or offline), and the required capital (small or medium). From our search results, here are the types of promising business opportunities in 2023, even for even beginners:

1. Creating Environmentally Friendly Creative Products

Creating useful products while protecting the environment can be a promising business opportunity. This is the example given by Deasy Esterina, owner of the environmentally friendly business Kreskros, when producing creative bags from plastic waste. This business is proven to be able to generate large profits. The market share of this business is also international.

2. Online Courses

Do you have expertise in a certain area? Starting an online course business opportunity is certainly the right choice.

Building a regular course requires special premises and various other requirements. There is a lot of preparation and the business competition is still quite fierce. Online courses are different. Besides you can start this business opportunity from home, the types of expertise that can be offered also vary. Courses that you generally encounter are related to foreign languages and other school subjects. Actually not only that.

3. Car Rental Business

You may have encountered many car rental business opportunities. The initial capital required is not small. So you may not be that interested in trying it.

However, you can take inspiration from Aldi Febian Mahabian, a car rental entrepreneur. This businessman’s story shows that to start a business, creativity is a key factor, not just capital.

At that time, as a rental car driver, he found a business opportunity that the community wanted a driver who had good looks and broad insight. Using Twitter, he started promoting “good looking driver rental services”.

Gradually, more and more clients. With a profit sharing system, the business is growing. The income he receives every month can reach up to IDR 78 million.

4. Website Development Services

One of the promising business opportunities that can be run from home is a website creation service. If you are a developer, there is nothing wrong with pursuing this business. The capital required is not too large. Like any other service business, the profit opportunity is quite large. Not only from website creation services, you can get additional income from collaboration with other parties.

5. Wedding Organizer

Severy couple of bride and groom want their special moment to be perfect. Therefore, a wedding organizer is always needed to organize a series of events. From a business opportunity standpoint, this is certainly a promising type of business opportunity.

Don’t assume that this business opportunity is no longer a prospect as the number of wedding organizers increases. In fact, the industrial value of the wedding business this year alone has reached IDR 500 trillion. Once again, your creativity in identifying the market is key. This is exemplified by Fitri Aulia Abdullah, who offers wedding organizer services with the syar’i concept.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by promoting other parties’ products. So, it’s clear that this is an example of a promising business opportunity. Because, with affiliates, you can even start with small capital, even without capital.

The way it works is quite easy. If someone buys a product using the referral code that you provide, you will get a commission according to the agreement agreed upon.

7. Creating Handicrafts

Skills in processing a material into handicrafts can be a promising business. You don’t even have to start with big capital. With just a few hundred thousand, you can get started. Most importantly, perseverance and foresight to see business opportunities.

8. Become a dropshipper

Dropship business opportunities also allow you to start a business without capital. However, make no mistake, the earning potential cannot be underestimated. The dropship business model is similar to reselling. The profits come from the difference in the price you receive from the buyer to buy the product from the seller. The difference is, being a dropshipper doesn’t require you to have your own warehouse. Because, it is the seller who will send the goods to the consumer.

9. Selling Software / Software

Information technology is developing rapidly and will not stop. For those of you who have programming skills, you can try the software sales business.

10. Haircut Business

Have you ever seen the show “The Cuts Indonesia” that aired on TV? An event to find the best hairdresser. The event shows that the art of styling hair has become a lifestyle trend of today’s society. For business people, this is a very promising business opportunity. Because the development prospects are very bright. To start this business opportunity does not require large capital.

11. Child Care Services

Love kids and want to run a business from home? Opening a child care service can be an attractive option. This business opportunity is very suitable to run in big cities. Busy working parents often require children to be entrusted to other parties. This could be a business opportunity. Initially, you may have to prepare capital to renovate your home. The goal is to make your home a fun play area. In addition, you need to buy some children’s play equipment as well as efforts to promote your business. Let’s say the child care fee per month is usd 500,000. If you accept 10 children, your monthly income is IDR 5 million. That can also increase if you also accept children who need special supervision such as toddlers or babies. Of course your income is increasing.

Which Business Opportunity is Most Promising for You?

There are quite a lot of types of businesses and business opportunities that you can take advantage of. In essence, all business opportunities are promising businesses in the future!


To open a promising business, you can start with what you like the most. In other words, follow your passion. Then, you can grow your business by taking advantage of technological sophistication by going online. And, what is no less important is to always study the market potential of the business with sufficient data. If you have found an idea for a business opportunity that you will work on, you can start now. Whatever capital you have can be the next important thing after your foresight, creativity, and tenacity apply how to start a good business from scratch.

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