14 Tips for Developing a Business with Small Capital Quickly

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For some people, having aspirations to become a big and successful entrepreneur is a dream that must be achieved. However, only a small portion can realize these ideals. The reason is, how to grow a business from scratch is not as easy as turning your palm. However, did you know that you can also start a business with small capital?

Whether it’s a home business or a larger scale business, if you have small capital, of course it will be even more difficult. In addition to capital, the important thing that must be owned by an entrepreneur is a mental steel that does not give up easily and must also be prepared. However, don’t worry, because there are tips that can be applied to make your dreams come true.

1. Choose the type of business with small capital that suits you

The first step you have to take is to determine which business is right for you. Try to choose a business that suits your hobbies or things you like. That way, you won’t feel heavy and burdened when running it. If the hobbies you have been doing so far only spend money, then you can start thinking about how to make the hobbies you have make money.

The easiest example is if you have a hobby of traveling, then you can start a business by setting up a travel business, ticketing services, tour guides, photographers, and many others.

2. Do market research before starting a business

Market research helps you find opportunities that will happen to your business. Through research, you will find out what people are really looking for and need. Therefore your business is here as a solution to problems that occur in an appropriate manner.
Market research will also help determine who your competitors are. Competitors are not something to be afraid of, because you can learn to analyze what is the advantage of your business compared to competitors.

3. Allocate Business Capital Appropriately

It should be noted that there are two ways of allocating business capital. The first is capital expenses, where capital is used to purchase raw materials, equipment and business supplies. For example, if you are going to start a laundry business, the purchase of washing machines, dryers, and laundry soap stock is included in this expense. The second is operational expenses, namely operational expenses that include electricity costs, building rent, employee salaries, and the like. With the right allocation, small capital can be used effectively and efficiently.

4. Take advantage of Owned Equipment

When starting a business, you don’t always need new and sophisticated equipment. You can use the equipment you have beforehand to minimize the outgoing capital. And if later your business is big and the existing tools are no longer possible, you can only buy new and more sophisticated equipment. That way you will start a business with small capital.

5. Choose the Right Location for Your Small Capital Business

Location is an important aspect of starting a business. By choosing a crowded and appropriate location, you can make your business grow faster. For businesses that have just been started, don’t hesitate to take advantage of existing rooms around the house such as the terrace or garage of the house. Examples of some of the biggest companies in the world come from garages like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and so on.

6. Take advantage of Social Media

You can take advantage of the current sophistication of social media, because with social media, you can do promotions for free and reach more potential customers outside the island and abroad. Try to start posting with interesting pictures and give promos every day, it is guaranteed that many customers will come out of curiosity to try. Marketing through social media for free will help you grow your business with small capital.

7. Using Capital Wisely

Avoid buying things that you don’t need. Because you don’t have much capital, don’t let your capital run out just to buy things that are not so important for your business. To be safer, you can make a complete and detailed spending plan, so you don’t take the wrong step in spending business capital later.

8. Involve those closest to you in running a business with your small capital

Involve people around you such as husbands, brothers, sisters, brothers, friends in starting a business, because by inviting the people closest to you they certainly won’t demand much from you. Later, if the business you are starting is growing and large, you can recruit employees from outside with several criteria that you can determine yourself.

9. Clever in Dividing Time

In developing your business, you are required to be able to utilize and use time appropriately, effectively, efficiently and profitably. If necessary, you can make a timeline 1 month ahead of what needs to be done, so that no time is wasted. Keep in mind that if you delay work, capital will continue to be used without any significant results and you can be outdone by competitors who are building a business just like you.

10. Always Do Product Innovation For Business With Your Small Capital

Basically, most consumers tend to get bored easily, they want products with new innovations. If the consumer is bored, of course the consumer will move to another place that is considered more attractive than before. For example, meatball stalls, nowadays there are lots of interesting meatball innovations to try, such as meatball meatballs, meatball klenger, grilled meatballs, balungan meatballs.

11. Find Quality Raw Materials at Low Prices

Try to find suppliers of raw materials that are able to provide good quality but low prices. Please search the internet or ask other business people to get the information. Don’t hesitate to negotiate prices with suppliers so they can provide affordable prices.

12. Be the best business with small capital

In running a business, never half measures. Everything you do, you must have strong faith. Whatever you sell must be the best. If you lose to a similar business competitor, you can enter into it by buying their product or using their services. Then learn how it differs from the effort you put into it
You just have to make modifications from competitors’ products and apply them in your business. Don’t forget to listen to criticism and suggestions from your customers, so that in the future your business can get better.

13. Is it Necessary to Recruit Employees?

To reduce operational costs, it is better if you start a business using your own power first. If one day it is less efficient because the business has grown in size, you can consider recruiting employees.

14. Plan Finances Well

When the business has started running and making a profit, you have to start being smart about managing the incoming and outgoing money properly. You can try to make simple accounting books, then you will feel the impact of managing good finances. Separate personal money from business results.


There have been many businesses that have failed due to errors in financial management, between personal and business money which are mixed together, so that business finances cannot be monitored whether there are profits or losses. After understanding the steps in starting and running a business with small capital, the next thing is all you have to do is manage the finances of the business. To make it easier to manage business finances, you can take advantage of online accounting software such as Journals.

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