15 Examples of Small Capital Businesses with Big Profits and Potential

longchamphandbagsus.com – Before deciding to start a business, the first thing to understand is knowing the market conditions and competitors. Not only about capital and also risk analysis, a businessman must also learn about all the factors that will affect his business from all sides.

With the right strategy, a business will be able to grow and achieve maximum targets and potential. In addition, the capital you have will also greatly affect the type of business you will run. The greater the capital you have, of course the business opportunities from various fields will open wider. However, for those of you who only have small capital, you don’t need to worry, because there are several types of businesses that only require small capital businesses.

However, you only need to look for businesses that have high demand from consumers, but don’t have many competitors or competitors. That way, it will be easier for the business you build later to stand out and dominate the market. Even more so if you get funding assistance. In doing business in this modern era, never forget to take advantage of the role of technology in your business. Take advantage of all access from various social media platforms to increase branding and also awareness of the business you have.

Examples of Potential Small Business Capital

When talking about small capital businesses, the first step that must be simplified is thinking about the location of the business. Don’t even think about renting or even buying an outlet to start the business. You can start a business by building a home business first. That way, you don’t need to spend on rent or buying a place. You can maximize funds for products and also marketing.

Because the location of the business is carried out at home, make sure first that the business you are going to build is in accordance with the needs of the people in your surroundings. If you intend to expand your market reach, then you can consider an online business which is currently popular. Then, roughly what types of businesses require small capital but can provide many benefits? Let’s see the full explanation below.

1. Snack Business

In this post-pandemic era, various kinds of activities and community activities have begun to tend to be carried out from home. Therefore, the opportunity to open a snack or snack business is wide open. This is because the more often people choose to spend their time at home, the higher the need for light food intake, such as chips, dry macaroni, basreng, spicy sticks, and so on. So, this snack business can be a business that you should try.

However, it should be understood that this business is following the trend. So the solution is that you can look for snacks that are likely to be enjoyed from time to time, for example, cassava chips or banana chips. This business is an example of a small capital business that has not been worked on by many people, so there are minimal competitors and this certainly applies to every region.

2. Frozen Food Business

The next example of a small capital business that doesn’t have many competitors is the frozen food business. Almost similar to the snack food business, the demand for frozen food products is also increasing in the pandemic era. This happens because more and more people need practical food that can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator. It’s no wonder the frozen food business is getting more and more popular. The products you can provide include sausages, nuggets, french fries, and so on.

It has been proven that several countries in the world, such as European countries, have detected that along with the development of the food delivery business, the demand for french fries menu is also increasing. Reflecting on the European market, this does not rule out the possibility of happening in Asian countries, including Indonesia.

3. Healthy Catering Business

Nowadays, people are starting to follow the trend of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, this one trend began to develop in all walks of life. No wonder the food enthusiasts are increasing. More and more people are starting to become aware of nutritional needs and also body health, so this can be used as an opportunity to open a healthy food catering business. Especially in this post-pandemic era, people are starting to prioritize hygiene and also the quality of the food they will consume.

4. Health Drink Business

Body immunity is indeed one of the things that we should take care of. Therefore, people’s needs for vitamins and nutrients are increasing every day. You can take advantage of this as a business opportunity to sell provide health drinks such as herbal medicine or herbs. With a small capital, you can build this health drink business at home. Currently, processed herbal products are proven to be able to provide benefits for most people. The capital needed to make jamu only ranges from 1 to 2 million, but the results you will receive can be twice as large as the capital you spend.

5. Gallon Water and LPG Business

As we know that nowadays, almost everyone uses LPG for cooking purposes. By trying the LPG provider business and also refilling gallon water, you no longer need to rent a place of business or prepare too much capital. With a small business capital, you can already open an LPG business and also refill gallons of drinking water. It is certain that the products you provide will sell every day.

6. Dropshipping business

An example of a small capital business that is now gaining popularity and not many competitors is the dropship business. However, you have to be good at guessing trends and also the demands that exist in society. This dropship is a business concept where you can sell products without the need to have capital. You can sell products that are owned by other people without the need to stock or buy the product first.

This one business is indeed quite interesting to be engaged in, but you have to really pay attention and also choose a shop that is worthy of being used as a place to buy goods. But it needs to be understood, this business is quite limited in opportunities and market, so it is not suitable to be used as a long-term business.

7. Online Business

As we know that online stores have actually been in great demand for the past few years. However, with the pandemic, the online shop trend has increased. Many people are switching to shopping online, be it for shopping or buying daily necessities. Therefore, this business opportunity is very potential. Especially with the current technological advances.

8. Cloud Kitchen Business

For those of you who are interested in the culinary business, you must be familiar with the term cloud kitchen. One of the currently popular business concepts is indeed quite interesting because it offers a kitchen that can be used to make and serve various foods for later sale. This can be an example of a small capital business that doesn’t have many competitors. You can maximize your time and not spend too much capital. Currently, the cloud kitchen business has started working with various food delivery services. So it will certainly be easier to reach various types of consumers.

9. Reseller Business

For those of you who have small and limited capital, a reseller business can be the right choice. By opening a reseller business, you no longer need to worry about the cost of producing goods or renting a place. Thus, the benefits that can be obtained are also quite large even for beginners.

10. Affiliate Marketing Business

For those of you who are new to the world of online business, of course you are still unfamiliar with this term. So, the affiliate marketing business is one way to market a particular product which will later be rewarded in the form of a commission. For the amount of commission that you can get as an affiliate marketing is quite large by just marketing or promoting products.

11. Online Course Business

For those of you who have special skills or skills and like public speaking, this online business course can be the right choice. With only the capital of the internet network and knowledge, you can already run this business. Especially in a pandemic era like this, people’s desire to learn various kinds of new knowledge is increasing every day. You can start this online course using a smartphone or laptop. Don’t forget to always prepare interesting subject matter before starting an online course.

12. Online Service Business

With the development of the online business world which is increasing. The need for various kinds of services is also increasing every day. Starting from the needs of digital marketing, content writers, designers, and also website creation services. This one business will be perfect for those of you who have small capital but have expertise in the digital field.

13. Franchise Business

One of the businesses that has been on the rise lately is the franchising business. By using the franchise concept, you don’t need to bother anymore to think about business systems that tend to be complicated. Where you only need to spend the initial capital to buy a franchise and generally it is included in various business packages, equipment, and also materials for production.

14. Financial Businesscial Planner

The development of an increasingly advanced era, has made most people start financial literacy. Therefore, many people are starting to realize the importance of financial management. One business that you can try is a financial planner. These financial advisory services will generally serve as a direction provider for clients in managing finances and also investments so that they are in accordance with their respective financial goals. For those of you who have the ability and knowledge in this field, then this one business will be very promising because it doesn’t require large capital.

15. Aquaculture Business

Communities and also MSMEs should not only focus on general and small businesses. The cultivation and agriculture business is classified as a business that is not very attractive to the general public. However, do you realize that the potential for the cultivation business is quite large? According to various studies that have been conducted, it is revealed that food research in various countries is currently thinking about the long term of food security in the future. Because, food will always be a basic need needed by the world community. Therefore, cultivation is a business that has great potential and is suitable to be used as a long-term business.

How to Develop a Business with Small Capital

Below are several ways to develop a business with small capital appropriately. Whether it’s a home business or a large-scale business, if the capital you have is small, it will definitely be even more difficult. Apart from capital, the most important thing that must be done by an entrepreneur is the mentality of steel that does not give up easily. Don’t worry, you can apply the tips below to make those dreams come true.

1. Select the Type of Business

The first way you have to do is to determine the right business for you. Try to choose a business that suits your hobbies and also the things you like. That way, you won’t feel heavy and burdened when running it. If the hobbies that you have been doing only spend money, then you can start changing that so that the hobbies you are pursuing can make money.

The easiest example is if you have a hobby of traveling, then you can start a business by setting up a travel business, ticketing services, photographers, tour guides, and so on.

2. Do Market Research

Market research will later help you find opportunities that could occur in your business. With market research, you will find what people are looking for and also what people need. Therefore, your business exists as a solution to the problems that occur in society. In addition, market research will also help determine who your competitors are.

3. Allocate Business Capital Appropriately

It should be understood that there are two ways you can allocate business capital. The first thing is capital expenses, in which capital is used to buy raw materials, business equipment and business equipment. For example, if you want to start a laundry business, then you can buy washing machines, dryers, laundry soap, and other washing equipment.

Then the second thing you have to do is operational expenses, namely operational expenses that include building rental costs, electricity costs, employee salaries, and so on. With the right capital allocation, small capital can be used effectively.


Those are some examples of small capital businesses that don’t have many competitors and are worth trying, whether it’s for the main business or for a side business. All of these types of businesses do have their own chances of success, depending on the strategy you apply. Therefore, never give up if your business has not been successful. Try to think again and find the right strategy for the future of your business.

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