20 Profitable Rp. 1 Million Capital Business Ideas for Beginners

longchamphandbagsus.com – Starting a business does not always have to have tens or hundreds of millions of rupiah in capital. As long as you have good intentions and planning, you can start a business with a capital of only IDR 1 million. Even with such a small capital, you can reap multiple benefits if you have a good business plan.

If you are still confused about what business to open with that much capital, here are various business options with a capital of Rp. 1 million that you can try. Check out the following reviews.

1. Various Contemporary Beverages

Beverage is one area of business that is still very promising, considering that everyone needs a drink and likes unique drinks.

You can open a contemporary beverage business according to the intended target market, for example various teas, iced coffee milk, fruit-flavored drinks, or other beverage variants.

2. Assorted Pastries

Apart from drinks, food is also a timeless business idea because everyone needs to eat. If your capital is small, you can start a food business by offering a variety of pastries. Making it is not too difficult and you can do it yourself at home or in a limited place. As a first step, you can offer the product to your friends first.

3. Breakfast Catering Business

The next food business idea is breakfast catering. Many people don’t have time to make a nutritious breakfast because they are busy or in a hurry to do their activities every morning.

Well, you can open a breakfast catering business for people around you, for example neighbors or colleagues at work.

4. Various Snacks and Snacks

Besides pastries, snacks and snacks such as chips are also loved by people, especially children.

You can make snacks with a variety of basic ingredients that are easily available, such as potatoes, cassava, or sweet potatoes. The capital is not too big because you can produce many packs of chips with sufficient raw materials.

5. Pre-order (PO) T-shirt Business

An industry that has no less strong demand in the market is the fashion industry, because everyone needs clothes. You can start a business in the fashion sector by opening a pre-order (PO) t-shirt business.

This scheme is more economical than selling ready-made clothes because you will only produce t-shirts according to the number of orders.

6. Preloved Boutique

Or if you have lots of sources of clothes you don’t use anymore, you can also start a preloved boutique business. You can facilitate people to donate or resell unused clothes to offer to other people who want these clothes.

You only need to spend capital for a display hanger and actively promote it on social media.

7. Clothing Sewing Services

Another business idea from the fashion industry is clothing sewing services. All you have to do is prepare a simple sewing machine that costs under Rp. 1 million, then thread and a needle. Fabrics are usually provided by the customer of our services. As a start, first offer your services to neighbors or friends. If your business grows, you can start taking on more clothing orders, for example for an arisan gang.

8. Laundry Business

A laundry business or washing service does not always have to have tens of millions of rupiah in capital because you have to buy a washing machine. You can start a laundry business with a capital of IDR 1 million.

The trick, you can work with laundry that is already bigger. You can act as the party looking for laundry customers, make your place the location for accommodating customer clothes, or ironing and folding clothes. From there, you can earn a commission per order or per piece of clothing.

9. Shoe Washing Services

Another laundry idea that you can do is a shoe washing service. Lately, more and more business actors have been involved in this business, because many people do not have time to wash their own shoes.

The capital you have can be used to buy the appropriate detergent and equipment for stealing shoes. You also have to have the skills to wash shoes so they don’t get damaged.

10. Motor Wash Services

Still about washing, you can also try a motorbike washing business. The place can be in front of your own house, the important thing is to prepare cleaning tools and make sure it is close to a water source.

If your business has grown, you can also consider using a compressor for your motorbike washing needs.

Apart from being in the form of a motorbike wash, you can run this business using the home care model or visiting customers’ homes.

11. Haircut Services

The next idea that can be started with small capital is hair cutting services. Open a simple haircut service first, no need to use a large salon room.

You can follow the example of hairdressers on the side of the road, who usually only have a mirror, chair, cloth covering, and tools for cutting/shaving hair.

If this business grows, you can open a salon at temp settled chat.

12. Typing or Typing Services

If you already have a laptop or computer, you can use it to open a typing service business. Especially if you are still a student or student who wants to earn income through a side business.

You don’t need big capital to start this business. Usually the cost of printing is also not too expensive.

13. Print Polaroid Photos

Maybe you’ve seen photo printers at events several times, where photos can be printed on the spot and taken home.

Well, you can start this polaroid photo printing business. The capital of Rp. 1 million can be used for equipment in the form of a special printer and photo paper set.

Self-shooting can be done with a camera or cellphone.

14. Wedding Souvenirs

If you like making crafts or handcrafts, you can use this hobby as a source of income. For example by making wedding favors.

Choose souvenirs that are not too complicated to make. For example a key chain from flannel.

The capital for materials and tools is not too expensive, but you can set a high enough price for each piece of souvenir. In fact, you can get up to two times the profit.

15. Parcel or Hamper Manufacturing Services

Almost the same as souvenirs, you can also channel your handcraft hobby into a parcel or hampers making business. The materials and tools needed are almost the same, plus a basket or box as a place for various contents of parcels or hampers.

This business will be very profitable, especially at certain times, for example Eid Al-Fitr and New Years.

16. Women’s Accessories Business

Another idea from the handicraft hobby is making women’s accessories, such as ribbons, necklaces, or earrings from beads. This business is quite promising because generally female customers like cute and unique knick-knacks.

Look for trending accessories or jewelery that are currently on the rise.

17. Selling children’s toys

Children customers can also be a big business potential. Kids love toys, so you can start a kids toy business.

Choose toys that are not too expensive and practical, for example cars or dolls. The capital required is not too large, but with the right strategy, you can sell it at a high enough price and get up to two times the profit.

18. Dropshipping business

This business is becoming a trend, where sellers who are called dropshippers do not have to buy goods from suppliers. They only bridge between customers and suppliers who will deliver goods.

Because you don’t have to stock your own goods, the dropshipper business is perfect for beginners.

19. Coffee Shop Business

The coffee shop business is quite promising even though there are now many bigger coffee shop businesses. Coffee shops can be a destination for middle to lower class customers.

The capital you need is enough to buy various types of sachet drinks such as coffee or chocolate, fried foods, instant noodles, and wireless internet networks. Customers will linger in your coffee shop.

20. Strategic Parking Area Business

If you have unused land or vacant land in a strategic area, you can use it as a parking lot.

Limited land, especially in buildings in big cities, can be a good opportunity for you to provide alternative parking locations. Existing capital can be used to create a simple portal and pay security guards for the parking lot.

The Key to Small Capital Business Success

  • Choose the field of business that you are interested in and have knowledge in that field.
  • Expand business connections or networks in order to find the right business partners and attract consumers.
  • Highlight the uniqueness and superiority of the product you offer to make it stand out from competitors’ products.
  • Maintain the credibility and image of the brand you offer.
  • Provide quality and responsive service.
  • Manage finances for operations in a planned and efficient manner.
  • Set aside funds for working capital and additional investment in product or service tools.


Those are 20 business ideas with a capital of IDR 1 million. Which business do you want to do? Either way, good luck and be useful, detikers. As you have good intentions and planning, you can start a business with a capital of only IDR 1 million. Even with such a small capital, you can reap multiple benefits if you have a good business plan.

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