26 Small Capital Business Ideas that Can Be a Side Business with Abundant Cash

longchamphandbagsus.com – Tired of being an employee? Need extra income? There are many ways to get additional income, from freelancing, side jobs to opening a small business.

But of all the choices, a business with small capital can be an option to get extra pocket money while filling your free time. There are various types of small capital businesses that can be run either online, on weekends or according to the time flexibility you have.

A Collection of Small Capital Business Ideas You Can Try

Here are 26 types of small capital businesses that can be side businesses that can generate extra cash for pocket money.

1. Kilo Laundry

How much capital is needed to start this small capital business idea? You can start running this small capital business opportunity with only Rp. 5 – Rp. 10 million in capital. Half of this capital can be used to buy an ironing machine, an automatic one-tube washing machine, and a dryer.

The other half of the bids is used to purchase supporting equipment, such as scales, plastic and irons, as well as an employee’s salary.

2. Wash Motor Vehicles or Cars

For beginners, a motorbike washing business is the right choice for a small capital business opportunity. The equipment requirements that must be owned are also quite simple. It is enough to provide a water pump, compressor, rags, motorcycle soap, and motorcycle tire polishing equipment.

All of these items can be obtained with a fund of at least IDR 2 million for a simple motorbike washing service, or a maximum of around IDR 10 million if you want to make a more professional motorbike washing service.

Expenses are usually made for renting a place of IDR 2 million, IDR 5 million for buying equipment, and IDR 3 million for operational costs including employee salaries.

3. Graphic Design

This small side capital business is suitable for employees who work in graphic design companies. In between your main work, you can offer services to known clients or through several marketplaces. The most sought after design services are business cards, logos, clothes, mascots, posters, booths and interiors.

Some of the marketplaces for providing graphic design buying and selling services are sribulancer.com, projects.co.id, 99designs.com, elance.com or other websites for freelancers. This business does not require significant capital, only enough internet connection and skills that must be improved always to maintain the quality of services.

4. Private Lessons

The capital needed for this small capital business idea is relatively cheap. If you are going around visiting students, it means that the only capital needed is transportation costs.

If you open tutoring at home, it means that the capital for stationery and study rooms, which, if roughly calculated, requires at least around Rp. 1 million in capital, you can already run this business at home. Tuition rates can be determined based on the market for tutoring fees in your location.

5. Sewing clothes

For the initial stages of capital, you can use it to buy a used sewing machine at the nearest shop or you can order it from the internet. The minimum funds needed to buy a sewing machine, overlock machine, and other equipment are approximately Rp. 2 million.

6. Translator

Professional translators usually work under oath and are relatively expensive. For beginners, it’s best to start by translating documents such as articles, theses, term papers, and so on.

The capital is also relatively easy and cheap, including a laptop and internet connection. If physical results are needed, then a printing machine or printer is included in the required capital. The internet is a basic capital that needs to exist and can be used to do research needed in the translation process, such as finding the definition of a word and so on.

The work location is also flexible. It can be in the office, in a cafe, at home, or anywhere else. The marketplaces that are widely used to sell these services are freelancer.co.id and sribulancer.

7. Typing Services

Many students need typing services for writing college assignments or thesis. This small capital business idea is suitable as a side business because just by typing, you can make money.

Rates that are usually used for this service are usually based on per page or per word. And to be sure, this business does not cost a lot as the initial capital. All you have to do is prepare a number of devices that must be prepared, namely computers or laptops, printers, HVS paper, scanners, and so on.

8. Customer Service (Jastip)

This small capital business opportunity is also known as the personal shopper or personal shopper. You can often find it on popular social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But not infrequently also found in chat-based applications such as Line, Whatsapp and others.

Therefore, the marketing system is carried out through social media by uploading photos of the products to be used Suggest to social media to catch the attention of potential buyers.

To prepare the capital, you can use personal money in advance according to the incoming request, or so you don’t spend any capital at all, you can buy when the request and money to buy from the customer have been transferred to you.

So, the capital that must be spent is travel costs, gasoline and parking money if using a private vehicle.

9. Credit Agent and Data Package

Easy, without big costs, and flexible time are the attractions of this business. The capital is also relatively small, starting from IDR 50 thousand to IDR 1 million. To get regular customers is also relatively easy, namely friends and neighbors themselves.

How do you become an agent for this electric pulse? Each provider of electric pulses has different conditions. But in general you just need to register and make a deposit. Then, the balance can be used for all product transactions.

To register, you can use the registration form or send an SMS with a predetermined format.

10. Selling Breakfast Menu

For this small capital business, no specific room is needed. This home business with minimal capital can use the front yard of the house to sell the food. The menu is simple and doesn’t take long to process. Chicken porridge, nasi uduk, yellow rice, and fried foods, plus coffee as a complement, is a simple menu that has high selling points.

The capital is also relatively small to start this business, which is around IDR 4 million per month. Of that figure, around 80% will be used to buy raw materials such as eggs, rice, chicken, tofu, tempeh and vegetables. The rest is used to buy cooking oil, gas and transportation.

11. Street Foods

Angkringan is a small capital business opportunity that is suitable to be opened at night, and of course the right time to be able to run and monitor this side business because it can be done when you get home from work.

For this side business, you can start with a capital of usd10 million, including buying a number of equipment such as glasses, spoons, mats, tables, tents, carts, cooking utensils and renting a place.

12. Selling Various Cakes

Selling various cakes is a home business with a small capital that is quite profitable. Cakes that are sold can be in the form of wet cakes such as steamed brownies, bika Ambon, rolled pancakes, banana cake, chocolate cake, lapis legit, klepon, apem, dumplings, and kue cucur.

Pastries are no less numerous, for example walnut cream cheese, mint chocolate sandwich, pineapple nastar, snow white, lemon cookies and chocolate peanut butter cookies.

You don’t need big capital to sell these cakes. The capital needed is only around IDR 10 million for the first month, with details of IDR 9 million for raw materials (IDR 300 thousand x 30 days), IDR 300 thousand for gas costs, and IDR 250 thousand for electricity and water costs. The place of business is the kitchen itself, of course.

13. Open an online shop

Some of the most widely traded products in online stores are clothing, herbal medicines, regional handicrafts, bags, t-shirts, or other digital goods products, such as ebooks, software, music, and so on.

Plus, this online shop business with small capital can be done by selling goods yourself or other people who want to sell them to us. No need to worry about capital because the capital that needs to be prepared is also relatively small. All you need to buy is a template which costs around Rp. 300,000.

If you can make and design it yourself, then this small capital business idea can be said to be almost without capital. For those who are new to buying and selling online and are still confused about choosing what products to sell, start with the dropship system.

This system will provide convenience in selling because there is no need to buy stock of goods to be sold.

14. Selling Photos on the Internet

Digital technology that exists today is very supportive for someone who wants to open a small capital business. If you have a hobby of photography, you can make money from taking photos that you take yourself.

Several digital photo buying and selling sites that serve this transaction are istockphoto.com (15% commission per photo) and shutterstock.com (20-30% commission per photo). Apart from that, the sites fotolia.com and stockfresh.com can also be used to sell your photos

15. Be an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is a fun combination of hobby and work. The key to success is increasing traffic and followers or a large number of visitors. Indeed, to bring in large numbers of visitors is not an easy job.

If the blog, YouTuber or social media content is of high quality, then slowly but surely many people will visit, follow and give likes or comments to increase engagement which makes the content more easily spread and seen by many people and requests for endorsements will come by themselves.

Capital yes What is needed to become an influencer depends on what type of content you will do, whether it’s make-up, food, cooking, sports, fashion and much more.

16. Selling school snacks

Various school snacks are usually quite popular, especially among children and young people. Apart from being delicious, school snacks are also relatively easy to make. This will really help and make it easier for you to start this home business, even though this will only be your first business to run.

The types of school snacks to choose from include egg rolls, kue leker, cilok, dried noodles, grandma’s hair, rainbow mambo ice and spider web cakes.

The capital that needs to be prepared for this small capital business opportunity is around IDR 500 thousand – IDR 1 million, you can open your own school snack business.

17. Services to Make Hampers

The demand for various attractive hampers for wedding gifts and other celebrations is getting higher. The contents of the hampers are also very diverse, ranging from cosmetics, clothing, accessories to various unique and delicious foods and cakes.

To make it easier to reach customers, online marketing via social media and email can certainly be maximized. The capital needed to start this small capital side business can start from IDR 1 million – IDR 3 million for the cost of packaging, tools, ribbons, filling from hampers and shipping costs.

18. Wedding Planner/Organizer

This one business is suitable for people who have the ability to manage many things simultaneously. In addition to high creativity, the ability to describe and realize the details of the client’s wedding is certainly an important point.

Wedding planners usually provide a variety of wedding packages, but they also have to be able to make each client’s dream wedding come true. The capital needed to be able to start this small capital business idea is around USD3 million – USD 5 million.

This price includes the cost of booking the venue, down payment for wedding needs such as tents, benches and chairs, flower decorations, documentation, catering, MC to performers such as musicians, dancers and other entertainment.


If you have expertise in hair, then this one business will be very promising. Salons can be started with limited capital, namely by providing haircut and creambath services only.

To start with cheap capital, you can start a salon business with an online booking system, so all you have to do is prepare tools that you can bring to the homes of customers who have hired your services. Such as straighteners, blowers/hair dryers, scissors, combs, and other grooming and hairstyling equipment. The capital needed can be around usd 1 – usd 3 million.

20. Shoe Laundry

Many home businesses with small capital have been run online. You can start this business with very little capital.

Choose the right and strategic business location, where you can get lots of customers easily. Usually campus and office areas will be the right location. Equip the business with good and adequate equipment, so that washing results are always good and satisfy customers.

For capital, you can start with a range of between usd 3 million – usd 5 million which covers the cost of equipment, renting a place if needed and shipping costs.

21. Become an Online Tutor

During the pandemic, many school children and young people spent their time at home. This makes them look for a variety of new activities, whether related to their studies or just to hone their skills in certain fields. This condition can be the right business opportunity for you.

You can start your own small capital business by providing online tutoring services and teaching a variety of interesting materials. Choose the right material and master it well, so you can teach it comfortably and precisely.

This small capital business idea is very cheap, you only need a laptop and internet network. The location can be anywhere. If you already have a laptop and wifi, that means you don’t need to spend any capital at all.

22. Healthy Food and Beverage Business

The food and beverage business will continue to be the belle of the community because both are basic needs, especially in the small capital business opportunity category.

However, since the pandemic hit, healthy food and drinks are the most sought after so that the body’s immunity is maintained, so that the body is immune to various viruses.

You can sell healthy menus, such as vegetable or fruit salads, acai bowls, oatmeal bars, juices, and traditional drinks that can be used as menu references for sale. This small capital side business can start from around IDR 3 million – IDR 5 million. Don’t forget to use good and clean ingredients.

23. Selling Mask Straps

Since the pandemic, the obligation to wear a mask has been implemented in many places, along with those interested in gold straps even higher. Many people collect mask straps to suit their outfit. Making a small capital business selling mask strap accessories makes the money even more tempting.

The capital that needs to be prepared for this business is not expensive, you can start with a capital of IDR 500,000 – IDR 1 million to start selling. Make sales and promotions online to reach more potential buyers faster.

24. Food Catering

Hobby cooking? A good sign because this hobby can be used as a field of money, namely by opening a small capital business for a catering business. Of course with a diverse market share, ranging from school children to office employees.

Just a small scale at the beginning. Later, when it becomes more known, then open a bigger catering business. Make sure the taste of the food you make is delicious, so that the desire for this expansion can materialize over time.

You can prepare capital of around IDR 1 million – IDR 3 million first to start with. You can offer these business and food services to offices around the house or promote them via social media, gofood, grabfood and shopeefood.

25. Selling Frozen Food

Frozen food is becoming a trend lately. The reason is because the food lasts longer and tastes the same as the finished food. It is suitable for housewives, students, and employees who want to stock up on groceries in the fridge.

There are frozen foods in the form of fruits, fried foods, and donuts that can be used as references. Just choose which one you think people like the most. If possible, you can sell all three.

For capital matters, you can start from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 2 million at the beginning by selling it online and providing popular products first so that they sell faster and can collect capital again to increase frozen food variants such as topoki, kebabs or eggrolls.

26. Street Food Korea

The Korean drama fever has made many Korean-related businesses increasingly in demand by many people. Starting from fashion, skin care, dessert, food to snacks. Anyway, anything that smells Korean and often appears in popular Korean dramas will immediately attract the interest of many people to follow the same thing.

This has made many brands from Korea sell well not only in Indonesia, but also in many other countries. So, the food business from Korea has also been in the spotlight because it has appeared in various Korean dramas, variety shows and mukbang.

The cost of capital to start a Korean street food business is not too expensive, ranging from 3-5 million rupiah. This total capital includes the purchase of food carts, cooking utensils and food ingredients. The Korean street food business is currently the most popular small-capital food business today.

Conclusion : Take Advantage Of Opportunities, Maximize Profits

For those who want to start a small capital business or small capital side business, you must know that doing business is not just having capital and selling. But various factors, even the smallest and most unexpected things, can affect the success of a business.

One of them is opportunity, so always monitor what trends and interesting things are in demand by many people right now and take advantage of this as a first step to starting your first business to success.

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