4 Business Ideas in the Field of Education Enough Internet Capital and 10 business related to education

longchamphandbagsus.com – Education is mandatory for everyone. Increasing awareness of the importance of education from time to time has opened up many enormous business opportunities. Various business products and services in the education sector continue to increase. Especially in the digital era like today, business can be done online, with just an internet network.

So, of course, online business can be done comfortably and can be managed from anywhere. Especially if you use an internet network connection, it will definitely be much easier. There are some interesting business ideas in education to run? Curious right? Here’s the review.

1. Online Tutoring

The first business opportunity is to open an online tutoring service. If opening tutoring offline is not possible, just try making tutoring online. The business capital that you spend will certainly be relatively smaller, and the time used will be more efficient.

2. Educational Content Creator

You can also do business by becoming a content creator about education. This kind of content is much needed and much sought after by internet users. You can share your knowledge and expertise by making videos on the YouTube, Instagram or TikTok platforms.

3. Building an Educational Website

The next business with internet capital is to become an educational website owner. You can use this website to share various interesting knowledge related to the world of education. Educational websites are a bit similar in nature to content creators. It’s just that later you can be more flexible in creating content, not just content in the form of videos but you can also build content in the form of articles, infographics, or images.

4. Educational Software and Website Development Services

software development services and educational websites. In the digital era like now, the existence of website and software development services is needed, especially by schools. You can start offering services by building websites and social media accounts. Don’t forget to optimize or use advertisements so that your business can be widely known by customers.

Education-Related Business Opportunities

If you are interested in opening a business in the education sector, but maybe you are still confused about what ideas are suitable for business. Business in the education sector is not only about guidance institutions or professional institutions, but there are still many opportunities that you can get.

Therefore, if you want to open a 10 business related to education, Info will provide an overview, consider the following business opportunities:

1. Private Lessons

Currently, many students need additional lessons outside of school hours. However, places such as tutoring agencies offer exorbitant fees for each tutoring program. Private tutoring is currently considered more effective in helping children’s achievements at school. If you are a student, you can offer yourself to become a private tutor at a standard fee.

2. Lessons Reading,Writting, and Counting

Reading, writing, arithmetic or calistung lessons can also be a business related to education that you can run. For parents who are busy working and have children, it is likely that they will find it difficult to take care of them, so now many are delegating them to tutoring places. Les calistung can be a promising business opportunity.

3. Foreign Language Course

Language is a person’s main capital to get a better job. Especially foreign languages. If you have good foreign language skills, you can invite some of your colleagues to set up a foreign language course business considering that people’s need to communicate in foreign languages is increasing.

4. Computer Skills Course

Apart from foreign languages, skills in using computers are also things that must be possessed by someone when applying for a job. Currently there are not a few people who still cannot operate computers, therefore computer courses can be a business opportunity to help people who have difficulty using computers.

5. Book Writer Business

At this time many book publishers need manuscripts to be processed and published into a book. In this all-digital era, it’s no longer writers who are looking for publishers, but instead publishers are looking for writers.

Usually one book manuscript gets paid around 2 million rupiah to 3 million rupiah depending on the type of book and the author’s experience. If the book sells well in the market, then the profit is also multiplied.

6. School Uniform Shop

Businesses related to education are not always about services but can also be in the form of goods. So, from that, the school uniform shop can become i choice of business opportunities for you to run. You can sell a variety of school uniforms starting from elementary, middle and high school. Not only basic uniforms, but you can also sell clothing such as scout uniforms, socks, bags, shoes, and others.

7. Bookstore business

Education is incomplete without books. Of course the saying is true too. Books must also be used as learning media. Books are windows to the world where you can open and broaden your horizons so you can have a broad mind. If you’ve ever been to a bookstore, haven’t you ever thought that the bookstore’s business has a very wide market share. You can try to start this business, whether it’s in a special place like a mall or even opening your own place. Indirectly you have delivered knowledge to people who need it.

8. Stationery Store Business

The business that you can try next is stationery or a stationery shop. You can sell various school children’s needs such as pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, and others. Running this business will make you not only have school children customers but also office workers who always need stationery for work.

9. School shuttle services

You can also offer services to drop off and pick up school children for parents who are too busy working. This business is quite promising because you only need vehicle capital, gasoline, and also a driver.

10. Photocopy Business

This business opportunity is very potential, let alone opened in a strategic place such as near a school or campus. School children, students, office people will definitely need a photocopying place that also provides laminating, binding and so on.


From the several business opportunities above, it is evident that education is also a promising thing because it can get many benefits. Those are some business opportunities related to education that you can try. That’s all for this article, I hope it’s useful.

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