6 Types of Business in Services

longchamphandbagsus.com – A business engaged in the service sector is a form of business carried out by providing services to consumers. For services performed by the service provider, the person is entitled to a wage or salary as compensation for his services.

Then, what are the types of businesses in the service sector? Check out the explanation below.

Various Types of Businesses in the Services Sector

The type of business in the service sector is a business that provides certain services, and does not produce visible products. The types of service businesses are divided into several fields, including:

1. Service Business in Health Sector

The first type of service business is the health sector. For example, doctors, nurses, medical personnel, pharmacists, and so on.

2. Service Businesses in the Sector of Education

The second type of service business is the education sector. For example, teachers, lecturers, school administration staff, and other professionals who work in the world of education.

3. Service Business in the Field of Social Services and Government

The third type of service business is the social and government service sector, such as civil servants, ministers, and so on.

4. Service Business in the Transportation Sector

The fourth type of service business is the transportation sector, such as drivers, pilots, machinists, and others.

5. Service Business in the Sector of Beauty

The fifth type of service business is the beauty sector. For example, make-up artists, barbershops, salons and others.

6. Service Business in the Financial Sector

The sixth type of service business is the financial sector, such as banks, insurance, financial planners, and so on. Apart from those mentioned above, there are also other types of service businesses from various general fields, such as household assistants, restaurant servers, cashiers, and others.

Examples of Business Activities in the Service Sector

Some examples of business activities in the service sector that can become business opportunities include:

  • Workshop

A workshop is an example of a business activity in the service sector because this business activity provides mechanic services to repair vehicles, such as patching punctured tires and repairing car engines.

  • Skills Course

Another example of service business activity is a skills course. Usually, skills courses are mushrooming in big cities, such as sewing, cooking, drawing, singing, playing musical instruments, and so on.

  • Computer Service

Furthermore, computer servicing is a business activity in the service sector that is popular and much needed. Because, nowadays computers or laptops are very important items and are a mandatory requirement for many people, especially for workers and students.

  • Household Assistant

A household assistant is an example of a service business activity that is still sought after by many families, especially in urban areas. This is generally because families living in big cities have busy and busy activities, so they don’t have time to clean their own house. Therefore, they need the help of a household assistant.

  • Laundry

Laundry is a business activity in the service sector that is easy to find, especially in big cities. This is because people in urban areas tend to be more busy with work, so they don’t have time to wash their own clothes.


Doing business gives you autonomy and freedom. Entrepreneurship means that you become your own boss so you can manage your business according to your wishes and train yourself to be responsible for your own success so you don’t have to depend on other people.

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