9 Business Opportunities in the Tourism Sector

longchamphandbagsus.com – Business opportunities in the tourism sector are still very wide open, even though during a pandemic like this, Indonesia is still a country with many tourist sites that can become profitable business areas, especially for SMEs.

Potential of Several Kinds of Tourism Business

When we talk about problems such as the tourism business, of course there will be no end to it because as previously mentioned, the human need for recreation and tourism will never end. So from that the tourism industry can be a very promising business opportunity to run. That’s right, business opportunities in the tourism sector are still very wide open for anyone. You must have often seen that very popular tourist attractions such as Borobudur, Bunaken, and other tourist attractions will certainly be followed by many businesses that are developing around them.

As in the area of Bali, which is always crowded with foreign and domestic tourists, it also has a very well-organized tourism industry. Bali’s popularity has also led to many kinds of tourism businesses being opened in the Bali area and becoming a place to create and absorb many jobs. However, if you are one of those people who already have sufficient capital but are still confused about what type of tourism business to run, then this review of the type of tourism business will be perfect for you.

The following are 9 examples of types of tourism business for you that you can try and do as a business opportunity:

Culinary business

One thing that cannot be separated from tourist attractions is culinary or types of food. Most people will find out about the type of culinary or food that is typical and can be found in a tourist spot. So do not be surprised if culinary is one of the types of tourism business that has great potential and promise. The culinary business can also become an icon of a tourist spot, and for this reason it takes really mature and good management of the culinary business in this tourist spot.

Because it is appropriate that the business that we develop must also be more advanced and not only limited to tourist attractions. Would it be better if the culinary business that we develop is able to become a superior product from these tourist attractions.

Lodging business

In addition to culinary, tourist attractions are also very dependent on lodging. Lodging in the form of hotels, motels, hostels, or guest houses can be one type of tourism business that is very promising and profitable. This is due to the crucial role played by the role of the inn against existing tourist attractions. The tourists who come certainly don’t only visit in one day, surely some of them stay overnight and spend more than one day at the tourist spots they are going to.

This is a business opportunity in the tourism sector that you can try. In addition, the lodging business will also absorb a lot of labor from local residents who will work at the inn.

Vehicle leasing or rental business

Vehicles or transportation will be as important as the role of lodging in a tourist spot. Renting or renting a vehicle can also be one of the most promising and profitable types of tourism business for you. The rented vehicle can be a car, motorcycle, or ordinary bicycle. Rental services provided can be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. And the price given will also be different for each rental duration and type of vehicle being rented.

Tour guide service business

Tour guides are people who will accompany tourists to tour tourist attractions. Not only that, the tour guide will also provide a lot of information to tourists about these tourist attractions. If you want to start an easy tourism service business, then you can become a tour guide for these tourist attractions. You will guide the tourists and introduce tourist attractions. This business is quite promising considering you don’t need to spend any capital.

Even so, this business is still profitable because people will always need a tour guide to travel. This tourism service business is quite in demand because it always provides benefits and is never empty of enthusiasts.

Business selling souvenirs and souvenirs

Every time we travel, souvenirs and souvenirs will definitely be one thing that can’t be separated from the tour. It must have occurred to us to want to bring souvenirs and souvenirs to our loved ones at home. And this is what makes this business one of the most promising types of tourism businesses. You can open a souvenir or souvenir shop whose contents are related to existing tourist attractions. For example around Borobudur Temple, the souvenirs you make must also be related to Borobudur Temple so that they can show the identity of the tourist attractions visited by tourists.

Translation Tourism Service Business

Apart from being a tour guide, you can also become a translator at these tourist spots. If you have the expertise to master many foreign languages or regional languages, this can be a plus for you. You can guide tourists who come from abroad to get to know various tourist attractions in Indonesia. Becoming a translator is also very easy to do and you don’t need to spend capital. You only need to rely on your ability to run it.

Photography Tourism Service Business

If you have a camera, you can start opening photography services at tourist attractions. You can take pictures of tourists and then give the photos to them. The photography business is also a business in the service sector that is quite promising. Photography is considered important because it can be a memento when tourists go somewhere. Therefore, photography services will always be needed by tourists anytime and anywhere.

Vehicle Rental Business

You can also rent your vehicle to tourists to start a tourism business. Tourists will be invited to tour many tourist attractions using your vehicle. Vehicle rentals will always be needed by tourists. This is because with a vehicle, it will be easier for them to get around various places quickly and comfortably. So, you can make this a tourism business opportunity.

Equipment Rental Business

If you live around tourist attractions such as swimming pools, beaches, mountains, and so on, you can try an equipment rental business. For example, you can rent swimming equipment such as tires, swimming goggles, buoys, and so on to tourists around the beach. Then, you can also rent mountain equipment if you are around mountain tourist sites. The tool rental tourism business is also quite in demand. The tourists will always need these supporting equipment. So, this tourism service business will give you profit.


Those are 9 kinds of tourism businesses that you can try to make very promising and profitable business opportunities. But don’t forget to prepare sufficient capital before running the business. The tourism industry is one of the most promising business opportunities and will never be empty of visitors because the need for recreation will never end. Especially for those of you who live near tourist attractions, and here are several types of tourism businesses that you can try. You can try the following types of tourism businesses and use them as a business opportunity.

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