Don’t Underestimate Small Business! – Along with the progress of civilization and modernization that continues to change, of course as an entrepreneur we need to think of other ways to be able to make ends meet, keep up with the lifestyle that is happening or at least survive the changing times.

For this, we need an appropriate strategy and solution to this problem. Having not only one type of business is one of the right solutions. Because if you only have one type of business, and when the business goes bankrupt, it will fail because the business is the only business you have. But it’s a different story if you have not just one, but several other types of businesses. The other business does not have to be a large type of business, namely with large capital and large profits. You can start opening a small business.

Of the several types of small businesses that can be run, usually the ones that are most in demand are the types of small businesses that are profitable, promising, as well as in demand and suitable for beginners.

Definition of Small Business

Small business has the meaning of a type of business that has less or no more than 50 workers. Small businesses are businesses owned by individuals, not owned by a body or a large organization. These sole proprietorships are led by a single owner or individual who manages the company independently and is entitled to the decisions taken in the business.

This business generally includes a trading business or starting with a small scale business. The capital to start this small business is also only from one person. So there is freedom for anyone who wants to open a small business. This opportunity is freely open, can be developed, and there are no restrictions whatsoever for establishing it.

All profits of an individual company are of course the absolute property of the business actor. However, of course the responsibility for all the company’s payment obligations and company debts is also the responsibility of the individual business actor.

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages regarding small businesses or types of individual companies, according to Law Number 9 of 1999 what is meant by small businesses are types of businesses that have a maximum net profit of USD 200,000,000.00 which does not include land and building. Then what is included in the small business is the type of business that has the most sales of USD. 1,000,000,000.00.

Small Business Criteria

The criterion for this type of small business is a type of business that has minimal capital or can even be started without even capital. This type of small business is most suitable for business beginners who generally do not or do not have special skills. Another criterion for a small business is that it doesn’t require a lot of employees and doesn’t have to have a business entity.

Another criterion of a small business is that this type of business is intended for small businesses that do not have a permanent place like shops and restaurants. So if you don’t have a permanent place to sell, the profit you can get is selling, so your business is tax-free. For Small Businesses that don’t have a permanent place like shops and restaurants to sell, your business is tax-free

Examples of Small Business Ideas

Following are some examples of small business ideas that can be run either by young people or teenagers, or for housewives, up to seasonal small business types. These types of business ideas are as follows:

Small business that is suitable for students / students.

As a student, education and training for entrepreneurship earlier is better. Apart from being able to train the attitudes and characteristics of being an entrepreneur, having a small business while still a student or student can also provide benefits such as additional pocket money. Small business ideas that are suitable for students or students include:

  1. Dropship Business / Online Store. Apart from not requiring a permanent place, this business can also be carried out between school and college breaks because online business time is more flexible.
  2. Credit Business. With this business i, the target market is clear and real, namely friends of students and students or even teachers and lecturers.
  3. Photo Copy Business. This business is the business most sought after by students and students as well as the best-selling and never lonely. Because the work of students and students definitely need photocopying services.
  4. Beverage / Fruit Juice Franchise. Participating in buying and opening a beverage franchise has clear target market advantages and promising benefits.
    Small business suitable for housewives.
  5. Being a housewife is not necessarily confined to creativity and entrepreneurial activities. Having a small business that can be run at home, apart from being able to help the family’s economy, can also be run by housewives who have a lot of free time. These business ideas include:
  6. Coffee Shop Business. Having a side business is not too overwhelming and you don’t need to look for a permanent location to sell, that is, you just need to open a shop in front of your house.
  7. Fried Business. Apart from not taking up much time, this type of business can also provide quite good profits for housewives.
  8. Laundry Business. Because many people are looking for this type of service, there is nothing wrong with opening a laundry business. The capital required initially is the purchase of a washing machine and then it is only a matter of maintenance and operation.
  9. Catering Business. This type of business is most suitable for housewives who have a hobby of cooking. Because apart from being a hobby that can be channeled, owning a catering business can also provide considerable benefits. Promising small business in the village/village. If you live in a rural/village area and not in an urban area, you don’t necessarily rule out the possibility of opening a small business.

Some ideas for the types of small businesses that can be done include:

  1. Photo printing business. In rural areas, this type of service is still in demand and is still much sought after by other people. So that this type of business can be tried. Internet cafe business. At this time, everyone needs the internet. For people who live in rural areas, of course it’s still a little difficult to get free signal and wifi like in urban areas. Then the cafe is the right solution for residents in these rural areas.
  2. Livestock business. In rural areas, there is still ample land for herding cattle and setting up stables. So you won’t be worried that the livestock will lack grass and narrow cages.

Best selling small business in the market.

If you want to sell on the market, then having a small business is the most appropriate thing. Because the market is a gathering place for sellers of various kinds of things and buyers will come by themselves looking for the goods they need.

Some small business ideas for selling on the market include the following:

  1. Groceries Business. The groceries business is never empty of visitors. Because basically everyone needs groceries as a basic necessity of life. So that this business is sure to always sell well for years to come.
  2. Frozen Food Business. Another offer that can be a choice of types of food that can be sold in the market is frozen food. The advantage of this food besides being durable is the fast serving time, which is enough to steam or fry. No wonder many people are looking for this type of frozen food. A good alternative to get lots of buyers is to sell frozen food of good quality, without preservatives, MSG and other harmful ingredients.

Seasonal Business.

Types of business that usually occur seasonally or at certain times are types of business that are adjusted to events that will or are currently taking place. Examples include the following:

  1. Cookies Business. This business usually adapts to certain religious holidays such as to welcome Eid al-Fitr for Muslims.
  2. Parcels / Souvenirs. Parcels are usually also sought after as Eid gifts for Muslims, or parcels for newborns, visiting sick people, and so on.
  3. Christmas accessories. Approaching Christmas, surely many people are hunting for knick-knacks to decorate the Christmas Tree and other Christmas preparations. Therefore, Christmas accessories are in demand when welcoming Christmas celebrations.
  4. Fireworks Business. Fireworks are synonymous with celebration, both for the celebration of Eid, the celebration of an event or event such as a concert, and the biggest one is the New Year’s celebration.
  5. Travel and Tour Guides. This type of business offers services in the form of services. With trust in good service, customers will come back to use the tour travel services. The use of this service is usually more during school holidays, weekend holidays, and public holidays.

Small Business Profits

Most of the large businesses, initially started from the type of business small first. Having a small business has many advantages. Besides being able to get income not only through one door, namely from just one business. This small business is suitable for beginners because it is easy to manage and the type of business is light and small.

The following are some of the advantages of running a small business, namely:

  • Having a small business does not require large capital. This little capital can start from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Even small businesses can be started without capital though, namely through the online shop / dropship system. Through the internet industry, the capital required is small, but can generate large profits.
  • Have the ability to survive. During the current crisis, small businesses will still be able to help drive the household and country’s economy.
  • Faster to start. Small businesses don’t take long to start, because they are good from small capital and light businesses. Decision makers and people in charge are owned by individuals independently. Small businesses that start right away are also beneficial in responding more quickly to changing market needs.
  • Focus on customer needs. Because small businesses, service is very important. If the service is good, consumers will come back to your store.
  • Practice facing and completing challenges. Because small businesses have a single manager, all obstacles are the responsibility of the owner to be resolved.
  • More flexible. Small businesses that easily adapt to market needs will also be able to present new innovations as alternative solutions to current conditions and crises. Small businesses are also better able to adapt to circumstances.
  • Can move the community’s economy. These small businesses can create jobs for local residents and the environment.
  • Easy to innovate. With an operational system run by one person, it will be easier to carry out ideas such as marketing and product development. In contrast to large companies, which take longer to carry out an innovation because the company’s system is larger and more complex.
  • Free. The sole owner is free to set business strategies, make decisions, but cannot be separated from responsibility and ability to deal with risks.

Common Risks in Small Business

Apart from having various advantages, having a small business is also inseparable from business risks. The following are some types of risks that are common in small businesses:

  • The course of the business is greatly influenced by the effectiveness of the owner. If the owner is not serious and lazy in his business, then the business will not work either.
  • Limited venture capital. Because it is limited to only one person, business capital is even more limited.
  • Location is usually unfavorable. The choice of location usually depends on the capital owned, namely for the cost of renting a shop and so on. As a result, usually the location selection becomes less strategic.
  • Less able to manage inventory. Lack of personnel to supervise and regulate the circulation of goods, will usually result in ignorance and less systematic recording of goods in and out.
  • Generally does not hold a good opening. Because it is classified as a small business, it usually does not use big marketing at the opening as is done by large companies. Therefore, customers usually do not know about the existence of the store or do not even know that the store has been officially opened.
  • The business financial condition is mixed with the owner’s personal finances. Small businesses usually do not have a clear division of financial calculations. Even more often business money is mixed with privately owned money, and vice versa. It is better to make clear recording and distribution of finances so that personal money is not mixed with business finances, and so that the net profit from the business can be calculated.


Having a successful own business is certainly something many people dream of. Unfortunately, making a business successful is not easy. Many aspects of a business need to be planned properly and in detail so that a profitable business model is formed. There are many kinds of small businesses, they can be run anywhere, and by anyone. There are so many advantages of having this small business. Among other things, it is an advantage for someone who wants to increase pocket money for students, can help the family economy for housewives, for the side, and so on. As can be seen, this small business can be run by anyone. Both by teenagers, and housewives.

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