Examples of small capital businesses that don’t have many competitors in 2022

longchamphandbagsus.com – In this article, we will thoroughly examine 20 examples of small capital businesses that have not had many competitors in 2022, complete with how to start a business with small capital for beginners. Let’s look at examples of small capital businesses that don’t have many competitors below!


If you want to sell products online but don’t have the money to buy goods, dropshipping is the solution. To do this, you only need to create an online shop and work with suppliers who are ready to pack, to send products to consumers.

2. Writers Agency

If you have a hobby of writing, opening a freelance writer agency is the right business for you. If too many clients come to you, then you can pay the writers by giving a percentage for each article. Thus, you can continue to receive many clients and grow your business.

3. Making Graduation Gifts

Every year, thousands of graduates will graduate. As friends, many give them greeting gifts. Then there will be lots of gift orders for graduation in the form of plaques, bouquets or other handicraft models. If you are a creative person, this business is one of the right businesses. So the products you can offer are in the form of making buckets, placards and others.

4. Healthy Eating Catering

Today, more and more people are realizing the importance of living a healthy life. And eating is one of the keys to a healthy life. If you like cooking then you are suitable to open this business. You can offer your product to fitness venues such as yoga and gyms. That way, your product will be recognized by potential customers.

5. Customize Products

You must have seen the design of various types of mobile phone cases. You can open a service to customize personal products such as cellphone cases, clothes or drinking cups. In addition, you don’t need to do the printing yourself, because you can collaborate with design suppliers who are ready to help you. The only thing you need to master is finding consumers online.

6. Photographer

If you like photography then this job is for you. Especially now that the services of photographers are in great demand. Here you can find clients online by showing a portfolio of photos that you have produced. In addition, you can offer online business owners who want to make product advertisement photos.

7. Start Podcasting

If you like to communicate and have skills in a certain field, then you can start a podcast business. Here you must have knowledge about a particular topic. The way to deepen the topic is by reading books and sharing your experiences. Even now, many podcast audiences are starting to like casual chat topics, so you can start off with them

8. Online Tutors

If you are good at math, physics, English or other sciences then this job is for you. Here you can find clients through several educational platforms such as superprof and offer through social media. Not only getting a salary, but being a tutor at the same time will hone your knowledge in communicating and sharpen the knowledge being taught.

9. Frozen Food Business

Frozen is a business that can be done with small capital, apart from that the frozen food business has also started to increase recently, especially when entering the pandemic era. People increasingly need frozen food products that can be eaten practically and stored for a long time in the fridge or freezer. Various preparations for sausages, nuggets, french fries and others. If you have an idea selling frozen food, this is the right choice.

10. Traditional Herbal Drinks

Traditional herbal drinks are also increasingly popular in the midst of the current pandemic era. In fact, traditional jamu can compete with other healthy drinks such as pressed juice. Apart from being healthy, doing business on traditional herbal drinks can also promote Indonesian culture among young people. Now traditional drinks are not only enjoyed by the elderly but also young people are starting to be aware of their health. To be able to do healthy herbal medicine, you need a small amount of capital, namely IDR 1 million – IDR 2 million with the potential for multiple profits.

11. Used clothes worth wearing

Used clothes can also be your business field. You can start a business and make a profit if your target market is right. Make sure that the second-hand clothes that are suitable for use still have added value that can be enjoyed by the purchase and its meaning. Before you sell used clothes that are suitable for use, you should first check their condition, then wash and sterilize them so that the clothes are cleaner and look like new. Later you can also promote this through social media according to the target market. Generally, the market for preloved clothes ais a student.

12. Recycling Business

An example of small capital that has not had many other competitors is the recycling business. You can start producing recycled products through various wastes around you. Not only generate profits, this business also maintains the sustainability of the surrounding environment. If you want to try recycled products then you can start producing by getting ideas from Pinterest. Recycling that you can produce such as bags, wall displays, and others.

13. Microgreen Business

Microgreens are plants that are harvested in a short period of time, only around 20 days. In simple terms, microgreens are the same as you grow vegetables, only the harvest period is faster. This is because microgreens are popular because they have higher nutrition than ripe vegetables. There are many vegetables that can be cultivated such as celery, lettuce, mustard and others.

14. Room Decoration Services

If you have artistic abilities and a hobby of decorating, this job is the right choice for you. Room decoration services are sought after, especially for weddings, birthdays and other parties. You can advertise your services online through social media.

15. Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

If you are in a humid environment then it could be a promising business. If you plan to cultivate oyster mushrooms as your business choice. Then you need a location that is large enough as a place for mushrooms to grow. In Indonesia, oyster mushroom cultivation can be found in highland areas such as Bandung. If you don’t live in a highland area, you can create a humid room so that the fungus will thrive.

16. Video Editing Services

One of the businesses that also brings benefits from the skills possessed is to become a video editor. Freelance jobs as video editors are now in great demand by those who need you to edit videos to share social channels such as YouTube, Instagram.

17. Vegetable Package

Doing a vegetable business can be a small capital option that you don’t have many competitors to try. You can sell vegetable packages through the marketplace or register your shop on an online delivery application. In order for consumers to come back with you, it is very important to maintain the quality of the vegetables you sell. Make sure the vegetables are fresh and clean so consumers will be satisfied shopping from you. Besides that, don’t forget to always apply innovation so that customers keep coming, such as selling some products or products that you can’t find in other stores.

18. Request Order Business

or entrusted services can be a business choice with mediocre capital but many enthusiasts. This informal service offers assistance to those who want to buy something but don’t have time or don’t want to go to the shop. is much bought after by mothers who don’t have much time to be able to shop directly. Various choices of businesses can be imported food, children’s equipment, imported books, bags and branded fashion products, etc. In fact, now there are also for events such as imbex, MB Fair, and others.

19. Car / Motorcycle / Helmet Washing Services

If you have enough land or area to do a motorbike and car wash business, then this can be a quite promising business idea. You don’t need a lot of capital to open this business. You just need to prepare the area, hose, water, special soap, sponge, chamois, etc. In order to be more attractive to people, don’t forget to create a promotion strategy. You can start using the machine to improve the quality of services. Playing in the washing service features, for example using anti-rust soap, refinishing or commonly known as car wax washing.

20. Call cleaning services

Now, call cleaning services can also be your business choice this year. The busyness of people who don’t have time to clean the house, and what’s more, paying the household member is quite expensive, they prefer to use daily cleaning services. No need to worry about other cleaning service competitors, because you can also start it yourself and prepare a variety of supporting equipment. Don’t forget to always promote and show your added value compared to other cleaning services.


Previously you have seen 20 examples of small capital businesses that have not had many competitors. Of course, of the many businesses, there must be something that makes you interested in running it. So, to be able to realize all your innovation plans, you need sufficient funds. Quite a lot of business capital can certainly make it easier for you to create innovations and make them happen faster.

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