Students Need to Learn Business from a Young Age And 4 Tourism Business Ideas – Finding a job that fits your passion is not easy. Often people get jobs that are not in accordance with their major during college or are not in accordance with their expertise. On the one hand, you can learn a lot of new things, but on the other hand, the knowledge you get in college cannot be fully applied.

If it’s like that, then expertise in other fields is also very necessary. You can start a business that you built yourself so that the business matches your passion.

So, studying business since college is very necessary in order to build your own business. Here’s why:

Your favorite job doesn’t last forever

The job you love today may not always be there. Change is bound to happen and market tastes will definitely change. When a job doesn’t provide value, then you will be eliminated. Not to mention, in a few years, human power will be replaced by robot power.

This is the time for you to open a business and minimize your chances of losing your job and income. Apart from that, you can also create jobs for other people.

Studying business will make you adaptable

Competition in the world of work is very tight. Those who are able to survive and adapt easily will still have a job. If you are a person who has difficulty adapting, of course you will have difficulty surviving. Learning to do business from a young age will train you to adapt easily. Businesses must adapt to market demands.

You have the opportunity to be paid a higher salary

Office work is indeed promising because you have a fixed income every month. However, sometimes the salary you receive is not in accordance with the abilities you have. If you are an entrepreneur, then the income you get can be in accordance with your abilities and hard work.

Sensitivity to see business opportunities

Those of you who have been used to doing business since you were young will be more observant in seeing opportunities and taking advantage of the opportunities that exist. Sensitivity to see this business opportunity will train you to be more productive and run a business that is different from most people. This will be unique for you so that your business will be much more attractive to consumers.

Doing business gives you autonomy and freedom

You are not stuck with office hours that require you to work 9 hours. You can manage your business at any time, especially if your business is engaged in buying and selling online. You can run your business anytime and anywhere. Entrepreneurship means that you become your own boss so you can manage your business according to your wishes and train yourself to be responsible for your own success so you don’t have to depend on other people.

Learning to be a businessman, is not a difficult thing. You can study business at Swiss German University (SGU). Swiss German University provides an International Business Administration major designed for students aspiring to become future business leaders and managers with strong analytical and practical skills to work competently in any environment, including multicultural ones.

4 Promising Tourism Business Ideas

Building a business is arguably a promising thing because nowadays, starting a business is easier. Technology that continues to develop and industry that continues to grow hand in hand in developing various types of businesses, including businesses related to tourism.

Lots of businesses that can be developed from the tourism sector. For those who want to build a business and want to make tourism one of the things that depend on your business, then read 4 promising tourism business ideas.

  • Homestays/guesthouses

The first business related to tourism is a homestay or guesthouse. Everyone who goes on vacation definitely needs a place to stay. If you want to do business, then choosing to open your own rental house is one of the most promising things.

The homestay or guesthouse that you make can be the main choice of tourists. Moreover, you can choose the best interior design according to your own references and tastes. You can also take advantage of hotel provider websites which will get you testimonials from consumers who have stayed at your place. Basically, homestays or guesthouses will never be empty, especially if you make them in cities that are known as tourism centers.

  • Tour Guide

The second business related to tourism is tour guide. Many people who want to travel to new places sometimes don’t dare to explore on their own. They want to travel to the best tourist spots that are there. With so many requests, business opportunities are created to become tour guides.

Those of you who know the area can open a tour guide service for tourists. Apart from that, to serve tourists from abroad, you can also hone your foreign language skills, especially English. That way, you can gain a lot of experience and get to know new people quickly and easily.

  • Vehicle rental business

The third business related to tourism is the vehicle rental business. When in a new area for vacation, many tourists do not bring their own vehicles. This opportunity opens up opportunities for you to create a new business, namely vehicle rental. You can rent a vehicle, either a car or a motorcycle.

By renting a vehicle, your business will grow rapidly, especially if you do marketing through social media. You yourself can offer options for
provide drivers because sometimes there are tourists who don’t want to drive. Additional fees may apply for this option.

  • Photography

The fourth business related to tourism is photography. The growing development of social media makes many people want to get the best photos so they can post them on their social media like Instagram. This is what makes the photography business grow thanks to the tourism sector.

Those of you who like photography can offer photography services to tourists. Social media is the most appropriate medium for promoting your work. The rows of photos that you have obtained and posted on social media feeds as portfolios can make tourists who want to hire photography services use the services you offer.


In addition, the International Business Administration study program also offers two concentrations: International Marketing and Business and Finance and Banking. Each of these concentrations provides the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to assist in effective and successful management. The students are also enriched with International Certification, Entrepreneurship Development Programs as well as International Computer Based programs which enable students to succeed in a constantly changing and highly competitive business environment globally.

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