Understanding Business Opportunities in the Tourism Industry

longchamphandbagsus.com – Tourism is an industry that has a large role in economic development. This is also supported by the presence of business actors in the tourism industry, both on a large scale and SMEs. In today’s digital era, the development of the tourism industry is moving even faster. Relations between industry players digitally and in the field that are now established offer convenience for domestic and foreign tourists to be able to enjoy tourism.

The role of the tourism industry

The big role played by the tourism industry is also present thanks to the Indonesian government’s initiative to introduce priority destinations, which include lakes, capes, islands, mountains to attract tourists to explore the beauty they have to offer.

Tourism industry opportunities

From the information published by the company, it is quite clear that the tourism industry has a major influence in building Indonesia’s economic conditions in a better direction. A large industry also helps produce tourism industry business actors who are quite diverse from small to large scale.

Money exchange service providers, car rentals, local craft centers, to restaurants and cafes in tourism locations are some of the promising business opportunities to be managed under the tourism industry.

Regarding business opportunities in the tourism industry, BKPM as an institution that manages foreign investment in Indonesia also has plans to assist business actors in the domestic sphere so that they can develop properly. This is done by opening the door for collaboration between foreign business actors to increase investment in the tourism industry sector and also lifestyle in Indonesia.

Type of business in the tourism industry

By combining aspects of collaboration between foreign business actors and lifestyle in Indonesia, it is hoped that foreign investors and foreign tourists can get a comprehensive travel experience that accommodates from various sides involving business actors in the tourism industry. In increasing the potential of the tourism industry, here are some interesting types of businesses to develop.


The lodging business opportunity is an essential element of the tourism industry. This is of course based on the needs of domestic and foreign tourists to be able to enjoy the experience of staying in a tourist location for a long time.

The development experienced in the lodging business also does not only come from the financial increase of business actors. Currently, there are quite a number of different types of lodging that offer different experiences, such as thematic concepts to accommodate the needs of customers. The design and concept also provide good growth for lodging businesses to be able to offer their best services aimed at attracting other potential tourists to visit and stay.

Vehicle rent

The mode of transportation is also an essential element in the tourism industry, although now tourists can get their transportation needs easily via smartphones. However, vehicle rental is still a favorite solution for tourists to drive while enjoying the holidays.

Vehicle rental is a favorite because tourists can travel in tourist areas according to the locations they have planned easily. Not infrequently in tourist trips tourists want a calm feel away from cities where it may be difficult to get access to online transportation. For this, the vehicle rental entrepreneur must also ensure that the condition of the vehicle being rented must be adapted to the surrounding geographical conditions. In addition, for security reasons, vehicle rental businesses also need to register insurance and add satellite-based GPS accessories so that they always know the location of the vehicle being rented.

Tour guide

Tour guides are not only needed by foreign tourists. Local tourists also need to be accommodated with presence. Tour guides are needed to be able to tell about history and other unique things that are offered at tourist attractions and culture in surrounding locations. Tour guides are also usually divided into two travel tour guides and local tour guides.

Travel tour guides are usually responsible for the needs of tourists as long as the travel agreement is according to the schedule proposed. Meanwhile, local tour guides are only on duty at each tourist location. Local tour guides are also usually managed by local people who really know the ins and outs of tourist attractions and also the surrounding locations.

Gift shop

Often found close to tourist sites, souvenir shops are also an additional element that can offer tourists a comprehensive experience Tawan to enjoy his vacation. The presence of souvenirs can also give the impression for tourists to return to the location or visit again.

The perpetrators of this gift shop business offer identical souvenirs from the characteristics and characteristics of the surrounding location. For ecosystems that are self-built, of course, they also involve local craftsmen who will also help increase economic activity in the area.

money changers

Money changer is one type of business that can be developed from the tourism industry. Considering that Indonesia is increasingly attracting the interest of many foreign tourists, money changer businesses are expected to be able to offer competitive and friendly rates.

In addition, business actors in this field also need to pay attention to trends based on the origins of foreign tourists attending. So that it can meet the needs as a whole.

Steps to Start a Tourism Business

If you are serious about getting into the tourism sector, you can start with proper preparation. Re-read the tourism business tips and how to get started. The tourism business is any business that focuses on meeting the needs of tourists. Foreigners who come to an area can be referred to as tourists. Is the goal for work or travel.

So, here are the steps you can take to start a tourism business.

1. Focus on One Sector

There are several types of potential tourism business. Before starting, first determine which sector or type you want to take seriously.
Do you want to focus on culinary, lodging, souvenirs, or vehicle rentals. When this is determined, it will facilitate the next step.

2. See Your Surrounding Potential

If you live in a tourist area, try to see what type of tourism business you haven’t been involved in. Take a chance and focus on it. For example, if you live in a tourist spot that still offers motorbike rentals, you can take the opportunity to open a motorbike rental.

3. Dare to Compete

Even though you are a new player, you must dare to compete. See gaps that have not been used by your competitors. Make something unique and different in your tourism business, so tourists prefer to use your services.

4. Write Your Plan

Well, the most important thing is don’t let your ideas and plans just stay in your head. Write down your plan and prepare a business plan carefully.


Write in detail the reasons you chose the business, the products and services to be provided, and the advantages of the product. Most importantly, define your target market. This will make it easier for you to step up and run your business. Including where the capital you get. Will you use savings capital or will you borrow from a bank? That’s the idea of a tourism business that has the potential to be developed. Do you have any business ideas yet?

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